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Rachael Sanguinetti is an accomplished educator who has experience teaching learners ages 6 months to adults.



Rachael's teaching philosophy includes but is not limited to the following aspects:

1. Musical learning is an important part of education for every person because music is critical to the human experience

2. Music should be taught in a way that supports all students and must include being inclusive of students’ backgrounds, previous experiences, and interests

3. Music instruction provides opportunities for students to have meaningful and life-changing experiences, to develop as a whole person, and to express their emotions; engaging students with music also helps to build creativity, fuel inspiration, and give opportunities to connect with others who are different.

Click here to read her full teaching philosophy. 

Current Adventures

 You can follow Rachael on social media for photos and updates about her classroom.

Twitter @RachaelSang

Instagram @mssangteachesmusic


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